Welcome to Valve Confessions.
Here, you can anonymously submit your confessions and/or opinions for/about any Valve-related game or Valve of in itself. Your words can be about the quality of games, the canon/non-canon of game characters, voice actors, the Valve store products, the producers, etc. You can let us, and the rest of the Valve fans, know your views. Feel free to drop us something in our ask box. You never know, there could be fans out there who think the same things you do~

Be aware that all confessions/opinions will be anonymous unless requested otherwise by the confessor themselves.

List of Valve Games;
+Team Fortress/2
+Left 4 Dead/2
+Day of Defeat/Source
+Desert Storm
+Garry's Mod
+Frontline Force
+Natural Selection
+Blue Shift

Please remember that the ask box can get flooded, and your entry may or may not make it to posting. Please be patient, and please do not be angry if your entry doesn't appear.

On another note, I do NOT claim ANY of the pictures I am using for the graphics. Each picture is credited to their respective artist, as I've provided their URL both in the graphic as well as tagging it. Some screenshots and photos I've found on Photobucket, thus cannot successfully give credit.

Steam Cloud Synchronizing

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